RollSeal are state-of-the-art door systems specifically designed for the poultry industry. RollSeal doors are:

  • Simple to fit (under 60 minutes)
  • Available in various sizes to suit application
  • Total-seal poultry door
  • Efficient & practical

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Simple, Functional Design and Construction

⬤  Upper Drive Shaft Roller – Lifts and lowers the curtain by the centre fabric layer

  Two Offset Lower Tension Roller Bars – Creates the side ‘seal’ by pushing the hook into the loop as the curtain lowers

  3 Ply Woven Polyolefin and Polyethylene Curtain Fabric – Tough, flexible and tear-resistant fabric available in multiple colours

  Industrial Hook and Loop – Specially designed high strength and high cycle material

  Aluminium Side Channels, Header Fram and Cover – Strong, lightweight and easy to clean

Simple 3 Step Installation

Step 1 – Slide side channels into head unit

Step 2 – Stand up in opening

Step 3 – Secure to building