MagFan offers an unprecedented combination of high capacity, high pressure and extreme efficiency. Wherever energy is a limited resource and high capacity, high flow rates and high pressures is needed, MagFan is the answer. The unit is totally corrosion resistant and requires no maintenance, and the estimated service life of the product is in excess of 100000 hours.

Returns your investment

The combination of high quality materials, extreme efficiency, unrivalled per-formance and simplified installation results in a very attractive Return on In-vestment (ROI) of typically one, maximum two years. The world’s most energy efficient wall fan in a direct comparison against leading suppliers MagFan, offers at least 70% lower energy consumption at equivalent flow rates.

Variable Speed Drive

MagFan starts slowly and quietly and accelerates to the requested speed. With its precise airflow control, MagFan can be used even during brooding. As the need for more fresh air increases, the fan simply accelerates smoothly and effortlessly, always matching the airflow and pressure requirements. MagFan has an unrivalled, wide duty point, ranging from neutral to 100 Pa (0.40”). Even at very high tunnel ventilation air speeds, the fan operates at low loads and has an abundance of spare capacity.

Flexibility by design

MagFan comes with a simple to use plug-and-run Variable Speed Drive, which facilitates installation and makes MagFan capable of running on 95% of the world’s electric grid, without having to even think of supply voltage, frequency or voltage drops.

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MagFan in short:

  • Plug-and-run
  • Built to last, maintenance-free
  • Calculated service life 100000+ hrs
  • Capacity up to 70.500 m3/h (41400 cfm)
  • Runs on 95% of the world´s power grid
  • Runs on any voltage from 85VAC to 265VAC
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by at least two thirds
  • Motor 1.2kW @ 660rpm
  • Reduces your energy bill by 70% compared to top ten competitors
  • Saves 75% on transport costs
  • Soft start and acceleration.