MagFan Mini is a downsized version of the MagFan but has the same quality characteristics. It is made with a focus on aerodynamic optimization and is highly energy efficient. Also it is easy to assemble, install and operate.

With a diameter of 740 mm (30”) the capacity of 17.471 m³/hour (10.000 cfm) is significantly higher than that of other wall-mount fans with similar size fan motor. With a power consumption of 25.5 W/1000 m³/h (15 cfm/Watt) at 0 Pascal, the consumption is also very low when compared to other similar size fans.

MagFan Mini is a downsized MagFan and incorporates all the MagFan Trademarks:

  • Industry leading energy efficiency
  • No maintenance
  • Direct drive

Speed controlling

MagFan Mini is equipped with a 0.3 kW high efficiency motor designed for speed controlling. With the optional MagDrive Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), variable speed mode further reduces power consumption and allows for a much more uniform and precise airflow. The fan can also be operated on/off.


The MagFan Mini can be installed with a MagDoor. The MagDoor creates an airtight, insulated seal not found on any other shutter or damper on the market. The MagDoor is motorised and operates on a simple on/off signal.


If you would like to find out more about the MagFan Mini, email us now.