MagFan ONe is our ”conventional” ON/OFF wall fan. The MagFan ONe sets new standards in terms of efficiency, capacity and pressure performance. It will simply revolutionize the market for ON/OFF controlled wall fans. The MagFan ONe is in every aspect identical to the existing MagFan, except it is an on/off fan. It is still a direct drive fan, so no belts and pulleys – hence no maintenance.

MagFan ONe – Best in Test at Bess Lab

Each year, Bess Lab, Illinois, and University of Georgia define the top 1% of all fans tested by two key parameters:

  • Energy Efficiency Rating should be 22 CFM/Watt or higher
  • Air Flow Ratio (AFR) should be 0.79 or higher

MagFan ONe stands out

With 22.4 cfm/Watt MagFan ONe has one of the highest Energy Efficiency Ratings of all fans tested at Bess Lab and therefore it becomes a member of the top 1% fans. With an Air Flow Ratio of 0.85 MagFan ONE has the best Air Flow Ratio of all the top 1% fans and it significantly outperforms the top 1% fans when it comes to capacity. The results are impressive. At 0.1” WC Magfan ONe delivers 36900 CFM which is a good 30% more than the best of the rest. In other words, it out-performs all other top 1% fans by a wide margin.

If you would like to find out more about the MagFan ONe, email us now. 

MagFan ONe in short:

  • Built to last, maintenance-free
  • Capacity up to 69.500 m3/h (40900 cfm)
  • Pressure capability up to 100 Pascal
  • Asynchronous 3-phase motor: 1,8kW, 720 rpm, 50Hz
  • Saves 75% on transportation costs