BPS Equipment
Hired Hand, Dacs, Rollseal and Lubing
Features & Benefits
Stainless steel 10' combustion chamber

Coated aluminized steel radiant tubes

304 stainless steel, silicone sealed control box

Stainless steel "rifle" burner

Self diagnostic capabilities

Self lock out features

Warranty 1-3-5 (components - tubes - burner)

Dual Stage Technology:

12% minimum fuel savings (over single stage infrared)
faster heat loss recoveries
improved comfort levels
35% reduction in equipment cycles
design protection benefits
Universal Ray Tube Heaters

The Universal Ray is designed for poultry and non-corrosive agricultural environments. Proven construction features assure reliable performance at an economical price.

Performance and flame distribution are enhanced by the use of a stainless steel "swirl" burner.

Radiant output is optimized with highly polished aluminum reflectors. Two models are offered by Hired-Hand, the AG-1 is a single stage model and the AG-2 is a dual stage unit.

Standard features for both models include hot surface ignition, indicator lights and potted waterproof circuit boards.

Both models also have several add-on and upgrade options and are available for both liquid propane or natural gas installations.