BPS Equipment
Hired Hand, Dacs, Rollseal and Lubing
Features & Benefits
Rolls up neat and compact to protect the life of the fabric

High uv resistant, long life woven polyethylene fabric

Withstands high wind loads

Manual or motorized operation options

Patented double-seal technology

Two air pockets provide good thermal insulation characteristics
RollSeal Sidewall System (Curtain)

The patented rolling and sealing action enables sidewall systems to be fully retracted to maximize ventilation.

At the same time it provides the most efficient seal in the industry when closed. The inner and outer layers of the fabric work together to form an air gap resulting in outstanding insulation qualities.

When combined with Hired-Hand’s electronic control system, the sidewalls can be fully automated, imagine, just set the desired temperature on our controller and your sidewalls will be opened and closed to achieve the target zone automatically.

Heavy wind loads are also no problem with the air tight double seal provided by RollSeal.