BPS Equipment
Hired Hand, Dacs, Rollseal and Lubing
Features & Benefits
Available in heights of 2' 4' 6' 7' 8' 10' 12' and 14'

Four systems to choose between: Single Stack Rigid Rack and Pinion, Double Stack Rigid Rack and Pinion, Single Stack Swinging Arm Gearbox, & Double Stack Swinging Arm Gearbox

Rolls up neatly and compactly to protect the life of the fabric

High uv resistant, long life woven polyethylene fabric

Withstands high wind loads
RollSeal Rollup Curtains

The RollSeal Roll-Up Curtain is a single ply curtain system that is an economical answer when wind blockage is the primary requirement.

The Roll-Up Curtain System is available in a single panel system or a two-panel stack system, each working independently.

The stacked system is the ideal configuration where fresh air ventilation is required above the animals; close the bottom to keep the animals warm, open the top for ventilation.