BPS Equipment
Hired Hand, Dacs, Rollseal and Lubing
Features & Benefits
50/60Hz operation

Extension kits for retro-fit houses

Self contained reservoir

Accommodates 4" or 6" cooling pads

Continuous systems up to 120' in length and 6' in height

Self priming pump - sump or external

Mounts to any building four different mounting options to choose from

Hired-Hand’s Mega-Cool is a state-of-the-art evaporative cooling system used with exhaust fans where dry, warm air enters damp, fluted pads creating a temperature drop, which varies with humidity from approximately 15-30° F.

These systems are ideal for cooling in all agricultural building applications.

With options for length and your choice between a sump and external pump system, we are sure to have the cool cell to meet your needs.