BPS Equipment
Hired Hand, Dacs, Rollseal and Lubing
Features & Benefits
High light reduction

Available in black-out or brown-out options

Pvc coating protects against sunlight and high temperatures

Resistance to corrosion and deterioration

Ease of installation and maintenance

Three models to fit any application:

Continuous Light Trap Systems, Fan Light Trap Systems, & Tunnel Inlet Light Trap Systems
Light Traps

Continuous Light Trap Systems are designed to work in conjunction with any animal confinement structure on the market, attaching to both wood and steel buildings.

Hired-Hand offer a black-out version and a brown-out version to fit any application. The same endcaps can be used on either the black-out or brown-out models.

Before ordering a system, you must determine what type of knee-wall the structure has. Hired-hand offer systems that will attach to a straight knee-wall and one that will attach to a slanted knee-wall.

The difference in the straight system and the slanted system is that the slanted knee-wall model has a 2 piece bottom support bracket where as the straight system has a 1 piece.