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Features & Benefits
Feed Manager Features:

Monitors up to 4 ultrasonic feed level sensors to track feed inventory

Monitors up to 2 current sensors for tracking auger runtimes

Unit monitors up to 2 buildings

Contains minimum feed capacity alarm to warn of feed shortages

Contains maximum fill time alarm to protect against feed spills

Compatible will all feed bins

Displays feed level and feed capacity

Intuitive graphical interface

PC compatibility allows units to be monitored via HHnet

Patent pending

Ultra Sonic Feed Sensor Features:

Measures feed levels in bins up to 30' tall

Easy installation

No calibration required

Mounts to all manufacturer's bins

Interfaces to Evolution 3000/3001 or the FM-4
Feed Management

Hired-Hand’s all new Feed Manager has changed the way a grower manages feed inventories. A feed level management system much less costly than Load Cell Systems has finally arrived.

This stand-alone feed management controller can interface with up to 4 ultra-sonic feed sensors that each have the ability to monitor feed level as well as capacity.

Several key features set the Feed Manager apart from any other feed system on the market including a low capacity alarm that will sound if feed levels reach a user-defined low limit.

In addition, a user friendly visual interface and 2 inputs for monitoring cross-fill run times makes it clear that Hired-Hand is setting new standards in feed level management.