BPS Equipment
Hired Hand, Dacs, Rollseal and Lubing
Features & Benefits
Contains 3 inside temperature sensors

Contains 4 output stages

Contains an emergency minimum ventilation timer

Communicates with the Evolution 3000/3001 to allow quicker reactions to dangerous conditions

Contains overrides to operate vent and tunnel inlets during back-up conditions

Warns user when back-up limits are out-of-range

Allows users to easily synchronize high/low limits with target temperatures

Contains high/low temperature alarms

Monitors both electrical phases for power failure

Contains an alarm relay capable of driving an audible siren or triggering a phone dialer
Emergency Back-Up and Alarms

As a company that was founded on back-up systems, this is an area in which Hired-Hand takes a lot of pride.

From the newest member of our back-up and alarm system line-up, the Secondary Sensing System, to the original product manufactured by Hired-Hand, the Curt-O-Matic, our line of emergency back-up systems set the standard for the industry.

Let's face it, any poultry or livestock complex is a large investment. Let Hired-Hand help you insure the safety of that investment by trusting us with all of your emergency back-up needs.