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Dacs Water Carried Heating

Warm water radiator for heating in poultry and pig houses

The water carried heating systems from DACS supplies a large quantity of dry heat to the house. Dry heat is useful both for heating up to temperature set point but also for dehumidification, like in a poultry house, since dry heat can absorb a large quantity of humidity.

In conjunction with the ventilation system the humidity is easily removed from the house leaving it in perfect climatic balance.

All our warm water radiators are hot dip galvanized for maximum corrosion protection. The distance between the lamellas is 5 mm and each lamella is 1 mm thick which allows for high pressure washing without bending the lamellas. We offer two sizes. The capacity on the units is calculated at a room temperature of 32°C and an incoming water temperature of minimum 85°C.

Water carried heating

The DACS all steel, galvanized radiator produces plenty of dry, hot air without any risk of sparks flowing. The heating surface and the assembly rack on the radiator is fully hot dipped galvanized and thus protected against the aggressive environment in a poultry house.

Lasting capacity

It is important, especially during the winter months, to have full heating capacity available. To keep the radiator capacity at optimum rates it is essential that cleaning is easy and efficient, as dust will block the air channels and lead to inefficient and slow heating of the building.

The DACS radiator, with its 1 mm material thickness on all heating segments will stand cleaning by high pressure water cleaning without bending. The swing-away front panel and a 5 mm spacing between the segments allow for easy access and thorough cleaning. All segments are vertically oriented to ensure complete drainage after washing.

Efficient heat distribution

Each radiator is equipped with a 0.3 kW blower. The system is typically placed on the house end 2.5 - 3 metres from the side wall. This placement gives the most efficient and even heat distribution. When mounted on our standard frame, the radiator sits 40 cm from the wall. A sturdy, galvanized frame mounts directly to the wall and holds the radiator in place. The frame has been designed to distribute the weight of the radiator to the floor, making installation in almost any type of building possible.

The system is dimensioned with a very easy water flow inside the heating element which means that only a small circulation pump is needed. This minimizes the energy consumption of the radiator. The performance of the radiator is stated at a room temperature of 32 degrees centigrade and an average temperature in the radiator of 85 degrees centigrade. The performance of the radiator rises the bigger the difference on the systems incoming water and room temperature is.

Several sizes

The radiators are available in several different sizes.

Technical Specifications
Type Measurement
(HxB) mm

VF-36 750 x 1050 200 58.5 20.5 108 0.2 57,750 67.1
VF-56 1250 x 1050 300 97.5 34 180 0.2 76,650 89.0


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