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Features & Benefits
Complete, multi-function system for cooling, humidifying, soaking, disinfection and medication.

Significantly reduces in-house temperatures in hot, dry conditions

Flexible system allows zoned temperature control

Only system on the market to utilise a self tuning high pressure pump

Features & Benefits
Corona D
Ensures complete mixing of incoming air with warm room air before gentle, even distribution

Constant flow removes pollutants and keeps litter dry

dampers adjust automtically maintaining correct air mix

Precise control lowers heating costs by up to 50%

Dacs Misting & Ventilation Systems

Misting - HPC-Flex

The HPC–Flex (High Pressure Cooling) system is a multi functional system for cooling, humidifying, soaking, desinfection, and medication in buildings for animal production.

Under hot dry conditions the HPC system will provide a significant reduction of the temperature in the house, thereby alleviating animal heat stress. The flexibility of the system allows for cooling in one or more climate zones.

The simple setup is with only one climate zone, like in a poultry house, where all nozzles are activated at the same time.

Sierra B11

In buildings with more climate zones, like sow units, a high pressure magnetic valve is placed on the supply hose just before the climate zone. The climate controller opens/closes the magnetic valve depending on the need for cooling in the zone. To maintain a constant pressure of 65 bars on the system, the pump unit is automatically accelerated/decelerated depending on the flow of water through the pump.

The HPC system from DACS is the only system on the market that uses a self tuning high pressure pump, and the advantages are clear:

Sierra B11  
  • Line break detection - immediate shut down
  • One pump serves multiple zones
  • Significantly reduced running costs
  • Significantly reduced noise levels
  • Significantly increased product lifetime


Ventilation - Corona D Inlet Unit

Today's poultry producers realize that optimum bird performance is closely linked to in-house environmental factors. Deviations from target values of humidity and temperature cause discomfort and may seriously hurt bird performance and overall profitability. The Corona Dstrat inlet ventilation unit from DACS ensures complete mixing of incoming air with warm room air, before distributing the air gently and evenly in the bird zone.

Better performance
The first days after arrival of the day-old birds the CoronaD inlet units constantly distribute warm air in the bird zone. The constant flow of air removes pollutants such as CO2 and keeps the litter dry. Dry litter prevents ammonia production. CO2 and ammonia restrain the development of the birds. During the growout period, and depending on outside climatic conditions, dampers adjust automatically, maintaining at all times the correct mixing percentage between incoming air and warm room air before distributing the air in the bird zone.

50% lower heating costs
The precisely controlled mixing of incoming air with warm room air lowers the heating costs by 50% compared to other ventilation systems.

Sierra B11  

Technical Specifications

Motor: 3x400V/1.1 A 0,3 kW

Volume Flow: 12000 m3/h at 0 Pa

Fan-blade Pitch: 32,5°

Cylinder Diameter: 760mm/710mm (25 mm material thickness)

Damper Diameter: 710mm

Material: PU (polyurethane) and stainless steel

Fasteners/Brackets: Stainless steel AISI 304/A2

FAU 740 Exhaust Ventilator

The backbone of the FAU740 exhaust fan is our newly developed chimney panel which reduces shipping volume by as much as 80 percent.

The flexible construction is highly impact resistant and offers a superior insulation value. It can be built to any length in increments of 115cm and needs no structural support thanks to the high-tech expanded ABS manufacturing process.

The precision in manufacturing makes these chimneys unusually easy to assemble and install, and the result is a high efficiency roof mounted exhaust fan, unique in its simplicity and virtually maintenance free.

The FAU 740 exhaust unit is available with 3 different capacities:

Technical Specifications
  Motor 3 x 230 / 400V 1,10 A 1,90 A 2,85 A
  Shaft output power 0,3 kW 0,6 kW 0,9 kW
Fan 920 RPM Volume Flow at 0 Pa 15.000 m3/h 18.000 m3/h 21.500 m3/h
  Fan blade pitch 37,5° 45° 45°
Chimney Diameter 760/740 mm    
Damper Butterfly / turning 765/735 mm    
Material ABS and stainless steel
Fasteners / brackets Stainless steel AISI 304 / A2

Destratification, Mixing and Full Flow

Sierra B11  


At low ventilation rates (when it is very cold outside and when the birds are small), the CoronaD mixes a minor quantity of cold incoming air with warm room air, before distributing the air evenly throughout the house, eliminating thereby draught and cold air droppings.

Depending on damper position, the mixing percentage of incoming air / warm room air changes automatically. The breeze of tempered air effectively removes pollutants and humidity from the occupied zone, and a stable, well defined flow pattern can be established under all conditions.

In addition to the wellfare benefits, the continuous mixing of the air eliminates heat stratification and significantly reduces heating costs.

Sierra B11  


With partially opened dampers, the CoronaD mixes a larger quantity of incoming, cool air with warm room air. Still depending on damper position, the mixing percentage of incoming air / warm room air changes automatically. The desired temperature in the bird zone adjusts quickly and efficiently, ensuring even and appropriate temperatures, high air quality and comfort.

As the need for higher air exchange rate in the house increases, the air flow pattern gradually changes from horizontal to a slightly downwards flow.

Sierra B11  

Full Flow

Dampers in vertical position allow for maximum airflow and no air mixing because the mixing action is suppressed by the main flow. At this stage, the center venturi acts as an extra discharge that allows for vertical air distribution.

The CoronaD forces the cool air outwards and downwards, giving maximum airflow and air speed in the occupied zone. This unique air distribution pattern ensures abundant air supply and a high degree of thermal comfort. Fully opened dampers are used during hot weather with full grown birds.

Studies have shown that the vertical air distribution pattern leads to significantly higher cooling effects than tunnel ventilation systems with equivalent air capacity, thereby reducing the heat load under hot weather conditions.

The adjustment of the damper in the chimney is computer controlled, and no manual adjustment is needed.

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