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For several years now, HH Technologies has engineered and manufactured an innovative line of galvanized vent door systems.

Using high quality metal construction with 3/4" Styrofoam insulation, HH Technologies’ vents have been setting industry standards since their release into the market. In addition to offering just under 20 standard vent sizes and options, we will also custom design a vent system to meet any size or performance specifications that you may require. We also now offer a complete line of chimney vents that are sure to meet any application.

In addition to the full line of vents offered by HH Technologies, we also carry Even-Flow Air Inlet Baffles that can be adjusted to give an "even flow" of fresh air to a poultry or livestock confinement building.

Correct management of air inlet baffles can help to insure proper air movement, even distribution and proper house static pressure. Available in 8' lengths and widths ranging from 6" to 24", HH Technologies is sure to have the baffle system to meet your needs. Standard features include PVC coated Styrofoam, 8' linking systems designed for continuous use perimeter baffles.